January 20, 2018


Hello, my name is Clive Waddell, founding member of the Digital Experts Academy, author of ‘Lessons on a Balanced Lifestyle’ and creator of CliveWaddell.com. I specialise in helping people create their ideal lifestyle through digital learning.

Since December 2009 I have been helping people achieve their lifestyle goals, ranging from company employees and homemakers through to business owners and entrepreneurs.

In the last few months alone I helped dozens of people including people like Brian Taylor who went from stressed commuter working five days a week earning £2000 a month to him earning twice as much working from home with total time freedom. I did this this using techniques and strategies developed through digital learning. The exact same level of education delivered by some of the world’s most exclusive universities, such as Cambridge and Harvard but available to all.

If you happen to know anyone like Brian who would be interested in achieving their ideal lifestyle then please let them know about my free report ‘Lessons on a Balanced Lifestyle’ Just ask them to complete the form on the right with their name and email and I will instantly send them the report.

All the very best,