Clive Waddell | Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle Through Digital Learning


Hello, my name is Clive Waddell, founding member of the Digital Experts Academy, author of ‘Lessons on a Balanced Lifestyle’ and creator of I specialise in helping people create their ideal lifestyle through digital learning.

Since December 2009 I have been helping people achieve their lifestyle goals through Digital Learning. People ranging from company employees and homemakers through to business owners and entrepreneurs.

On this site you find more information about me and the system I have used to leverage the power of the Internet and create my own online business. I hope you find it interesting and informative. However, if you're here looking for ideas and inspiration about changing your circumstances it's not me you should be focusing on it's You. Beyond demonstrating that I am a genuine person who actually exists my story and experiences are not that important to your progress. Statistically, the fact is that only about 3% of people who embark on the search for a better life through building an online business actually succeed. The other 97% fail. Not through any obstacles or challenges that cannot be overcome but for numerous other reasons (excuses) which amount to a lack of consistent long term effort. To be one of the 3% takes work, belief and determination.

Ask yourself, what's a better lifestyle worth to you? It can be measured in how much, time, effort and money you are willing to commit to creating it. Be realistic, it is incredibly valuable and naturally there is a cost. The good news is that the commitment, in terms of time and money, in starting the journey towards that better lifestyle, is relatively small.  

All the information you will ever need on that journey is available on the Internet for free. The challenge is finding it, identifying whats useful and whats not, applying the knowledge in the right places and finding and using the appropriate tools and resources. All this takes time, a lot of time. It is much more efficient and cost effective to learn from people who have been there and done it. Also, to get access to a system that has all the tools and resources that you will need all in one place. That's what I did and that is what this site is about.

All the very best,