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The Digital Talent Gap

Learning Digital Skills is all the rage right now. But it's nothing new and even back in 2015 it was recognised that there is a real Digital Talent Gap. Since then industry and education has struggled to fill it. Traditional learning simply cannot keep pace with the rapid changes. Which is where the Six Figure Mentors and other online platforms find their niche. Providing people with current relevant training and resources, putting them firmly ahead of the pack. Learning today's Digital Skills can really help people succeed in the growing Digital Economy. 

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Keeping it Simple

Naturally, everyone wants the most out of life. They want to create that ideal balance between earning a living and having time freedom. Enough money to have the things they need and time to do the things they want with the people they care about. Generally, people aren’t greedy and having enough to live that Lifestyle is perfect, beyond that most want to contribute to the world around them. It boils down to something very SIMPLE, create your own ideal lifestyle and then help others.

So, a SIMPLE objective but then reality kicks in and it gets complicated. Or does it?

It is interesting to ask yourself, at what point will you feel satisfied with your life? The sad thing is that, for most, even at the very end they are still unfullfilled saying things like ‘I wish I had done things differently’ but by then it is too late.

The solution is SIMPLE, Start living your life the way you envisage living it when you have the things you are striving for. In other words start living it now! Start living with a feeling of contentment and gratitude as if you already have all you need and something amazing will happen. You will start to attract more of what you desire, more easily and more quickly.

It boils down to a state of mind and the reality is you can change your mind at any time. It is that SIMPLE. How to get that mindset might take a bit of effort. In my case I have over 50 years worth of entranched limiting beliefs and some poor habits to overcome. Even now I find myself slipping back into old ways of thinking. But at at least I recognise that and work to improve my behaviours moving forward.

Which brings me to the point of writing this. Personally I have clarity around living life now. Having the attitude of living the way I envisage it being in my ideal lifestyle as I work towards it. Not waiting for it to happen first. However, like most people I do need to earn a living on the way towards reaching my Lifestyle goals. What do I choose to do and how do I choose it?

After some time and having gone through a range of good and bad experiences I have come to following conclusion. Only work with people you like, trust and respect. SIMPLE.

I repeat, only work with people you like, trust and respect. Whatever you are involved in now ask yourself these three questions about the people around you. Do I like them? Do I trust them? Do I respect them? If the answer to any of those questions is ‘No’ you are in the wrong place.

Which brings me to the Internet and my business area of choice. The advantanges of working Online are obvious and well catalogued. As are the advantages of working from home or anywhere else you choose. However, how do you sort the genuine opportunities from the majority of rubbish out there. The good and the bad can look the same with very compelling and slick marketing. My answer is SIMPLE, choose the people not the product! Choose WHO you work with not WHAT you work with!

How?! That is SIMPLE too. Apply your common sense and gut instincts. If you can’t get to see and hear these people or there is no way of contacting them or finding out about thier backgrounds and experience you can’t make those judgements, so don’t. Just move on. Remember, only work with people you like, trust and respect. You choose who you work with. This is one of the great benefits over working a traditional job, you choose your collegues!

Which brings me to the final point about keeping it SIMPLE. Once you have chosen who to work with over what to work with then truly ‘the ball is in your court”. Since your only working with people you like, trust and respect they can’t possibly be responsible for you failing to make a success of your business. Think about this, often when you choose the product over the people you blame its failure on the people behind the product. The products no good they sold me rubbish, it doesn’t do what they said it did etc…..It’s your excuse. It couldn’t possibly be you. Now, maybe you are right or maybe you are wrong, who knows? However, if you have chosen the people first then what? People you like, trust and respect wouldn’t deliberately involve you with a rubbish product. So, the product must be fine, it is down to YOU! You have control and your responsible for your success or failure. SIMPLE.

 To sum up.

Create your own Ideal Lifestyle then help others. SIMPLE

Start Living it Now. SIMPLE

It is a state of Mind, change your mind. SIMPLE

Work with people you like, trust and respect. SIMPLE

Choose the people not the Product. SIMPLE

Apply Common sense and gut instinct. SIMPLE

You are in control and you are responsible. SIMPLE


Seen an Opportunity your are interested in?

Due diligence is vital but it doesn’t have to be complicated.


The seven questions that you must ask when considering joining an online opportunity


1. Can you easily find out all about the individuals behind the business?

 2. Are there genuine video testimonials from a range of ordinary people?

 3. Has it been established for more than two years?

 4. Can you sample the business before committing?

 5. Is there a money back guarantee?

 6. Can you contact and speak to existing members about their experiences?

 7. Can you contact and speak to someone from the business?


If you can answer YES to all the above then its an opportunity well worth considering, if not, move onto something else.

What is a Balanced Lifestyle

What is a balanced lifestyle?

It means that you are comfortable with the various elements in your life and don’t feel that your heart or mind are being pulled too hard in any one direction to the detriment of other things. With a balanced lifestyle more often than not, you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated.

How do you find your balance?


balance board


There are five key elements in life that you need to have in balance, Time, People, Health, Wealth and Community.

Time – to do things you enjoy with people you like

People – to share time and experiences doing things that are satisfying

Health – to be fit enough to spend time doing all the things you enjoy

Wealth – to pay for the things that you need in order to do what you want

Community – to contribute towards improving society and the environment you live in

Now let us look at each of these in a little more detail.

Time – A resource of incalculable value. Limited, irreplaceable and ever diminishing. Wasting time is wasting life. Do not reach the end wishing you had done more, do more now! Now is the only time you have to do anything.

Wealth – It’s not just money but money is what people focus on. Money is over rated by those with little, under rated by those with lots. There is no shortage of money in the world. People who blame a lack of money for their challenges in life are deluded. There is no lack of money just a lack of belief and effort to get it.

People – Who you spend your time with combined with the quality of those relationships is very important. Shared memories of great times and/or achievements, moments of joy, laughter, pleasure, excitement are all what make life great. You must interact and be around people.

Health – Physical and mental health are paramount to both the quality and length of your life. Without good health everything is more challenging.

Community – we live a world with billions of other people. We share a planet and only by working together as communities of villages, towns, cities and countries can we all prosper. In order to do that we must all make a contribution. Everyone must contribute, that could mean paying taxes, helping others, entertaining people, creating work, growing things, caring for people or a myriad of other contributions. People who are capable but do not contribute are a selfish drain on the world.

Creating balance means that you are content with how much attention you are giving each element and that you have an overall sense of Wellbeing. This is not to say that each hour of each day you will successfully balance each element but over a reasonable period of time you do. For example you may be on a two week holiday with friends and the time and people elements are more in play, whilst during another period you may be saving for that holiday when the wealth element is a priority. As long as, generally, you are well enough and can afford to spend the time with people you enjoy being with doing things you like to do, you are in balance. If you find yourself tilting towards one element for prolonged periods (even if you convince yourself it is for the long term good) you are out of balance.

Be aware that there is a tendency for people to focus on external things, like work, relationships, activities, and pay very little attention to what is going on inside your heart and mind. When it comes to Wellbeing you must take care of yourself first. It is important that if you want to help others and provide them with maximum benefit you must be in a state of Wellbeing. It reminds me of the standard emergency procedure announcement on an aircraft, ‘make sure your own mask is in secured properly before helping others’.